August 07, 2018

Vincent, fish on!

 Vincent and I went to fly fishing trip to the spring creek "Oshino" on last Sunday and it was really lovely day for us!

 Three weeks ago, we did fly casting training in a park and this trip was his next stage of fly fishing.
 As you know, fly casting in river is more difficult than in a park. Actually there are trees, grasses and something bush in both bank and river.

 He was not only didn't forget how to fly casting but also did practice by himself probably, I think. He could makes beautiful fly line loop and softly presentation fly on water.

 So, he could catch several trout on the day. And it was his first fish on fly in his life and was really memorial. Congrats, Vincent!

 Certainly, he got big strike and lost big one before netting but it's fly fishing. The biggest one is gone away every time, right? (It's usual things for me!)

 It was fine day and 30 degree C but felt lovely in forest. Actually, there is 1,000 m elevation and lower humidity than Tokyo.
 Fish was not so active and little rise, but we got many strike on nymph (especially at evening time). 

 Well, how do you feel about real fly fishing, Vincent?
 I suggest, we will back to Oshino and try to catch big one you lost!

Tight line!

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