August 01, 2018

Warm water fly fishing

 I couldn't catch trout when I went to camping, and I should go to fishing trip again as something healing... :)

 I have been in a small town in Gumma prefecture where is it takes two hours from Tokyo and there is many fishing spot, actually I liked some pond and creek in rice paddy.

 I fished bream and minnow in there when I was boy. And caught my first Black bass in a pond too. That time, never has been bluegill but more than bass, now.

 So, I go to a pond one or two time a year with fly rod. Actually, it's lovely fishing "Bluegill on dry fly", as you know.

 I had a 8 feet and 4 wight fly rod, and some foam beetles. That's all. No need big stuff when bluegill fishing.

 And they are close to bank and no need long cast. Plus, they are very active in general.
 It will big bite if cast fly to beside some pad.

 And then, they are powerful and frenzy fight. Actually fantastic easy game fishing.

 We can see some cruising school fish at surface. It's "Wataka" (Ischikauia steenackeri), one of carp family and I don't know English name. 
 We can fish Wataka on dry fly too and It looks like a kind of shad, right?

 It's casual fly fishing. And why don't you go warm water fly fishing too?
 Tight line!

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